Who we are

ICPP Funds Ltd. was established in 2015 to provide the necessary investment support for the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan (ICPP). Its unique investment funds may also be used by any registered pension plan in Canada.

Our investment management corporation provides low-cost retirement investment services through the ICPP Accumulation Fund and the ICPP Payout Fund. The Accumulation Fund assets are invested in large capitalized equities traded on North American stock exchanges to provide long-term rates of return benchmarked against the ICPP Total Index. The Payout Fund is designed to support the uninsured variable annuity offered to pensioners under the ICPP. It is also appropriate for any registered pension plan that provides an inflation-protected lifetime payout strategy.

ICPP Funds Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Robertson, Eadie & Associates Ltd. (RE&A). Established in 1991, RE&A specializes in providing professional actuarial, consulting and administrative services to pension plan sponsors as they relate to the design, implementation and maintenance of retirement savings arrangements.

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Board of Directors

Steve Eadie, FSA, FCIA, Chief Executive Officer & Ultimate Designated Person
Jim Houston, CFA, CPA/CMA, C.Dir., Chief Compliance Officer and Portfolio Manager

Investment Oversight Committee

The Investment Oversight Committee governs the various investment mandates required by the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan, including those managed by ICPP Funds Ltd. It also supports the administration the ICPP Total Index. Keeping the ICPP Total Index up to date and relevant is a continuous process and requires regular review. The Investment Oversight Committee meets at least quarterly.

Oversight includes monitoring all of the leading companies that make up the ICPP Total Index and all potential replacement companies. Monitoring requires that the committee be satisfied that all companies continue to be leaders in an industry that has a sustainable long-term outlook. While the ICPP Total Index is expected to be stable, it is also expected to evolve over time.

The Investment Oversight Committee includes representation of all the major stakeholders of the Ideal Canadian Pension Plan including, the Plan Administrator; the Participating Employers; the Active Members; the Retired Members; and ICPP Funds Ltd.

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Philosophy & Beliefs

  • Canadian Investments support Canadian retirements
  • Equities provide the best long-term returns
  • Diversification promotes investment stability
  • Regular rebalancing promotes diversification
  • A rules based investment process provides predictability

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  • Fixed-income investments provide short-term risk control
  • Professional managers provide prudent judgment
  • Low trading volume controls investment expense
  • Fees matter for investment success, especially long term
  • Short-termism leads to suboptimal long-term returns